Mission and Vision


The Mission of the San Francisco Museum of Colonial Art is toevangelize and spread Christian, Catholic and Franciscan spirituality through various forms of art and culture. To fulfill this mission it undertakes the dissemination, exhibition, preservation, care and custody of works of art and precious objects that make up the heritage or works entrusted to the care of this organization. The Museum will, in turn, be focused on the promotion of culture in its various manifestations, especially for people with limited means.

In the spirit of its mission and seeking a fraternal dialogue with everyone, it will also be a place for the display of various art forms, especially for those who do not have a space,depending on approval from the Board.


The San Francisco Museum of Colonial Art aspires to be an institution of reference that communicates and reflects the American colonial period, through a plural dialogue with the community in all its forms, capable of offering a wide range of services.