Guided Tours

The San Francisco Museum of Colonial art, immerses you into the life of the former Franciscan convent of the XVI century.Its wide corridors and rooms that have a wonderful collection of paintings – considered one of the most important collections of Colonial Art in the country – furniture, silverware and sculptures, frescoes and very delicate murals, we invite you on a journey to discover our origins and the ancient traditions of this convent, the only vestige of sixteenth century architecture in Chile and since 1969 the designated space to house the Museum.

Guided tours are available from Monday through to Friday from 15:30 and 16:30 hrs views. As well as on Saturday and Sunday at 12:00 hrs. (Book a Time)

During and after the tour, visitors can askquestions of the guide, who operates as a mediator between the collection and the public, they will seek to deliver the information needed to meet the concerns of those participating in this exciting tour of our history.

[The tours have no additional cost to the admission ticket, and it is approximately a 40 minute tour]